Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend in the Pines

xxx Weekend In the Pines xxx

In Conjunction with Cinéma Abattoir and Double Negative Collective presents:

Projection/Sonic Levitation

Friday July 3rd

Subversive Short Film Program #1


Tom Carter (Charalambides/USA)

Zaimph (Marcia Bassett from Double Leopards, Hototogisu/USA)

Menace Ruine

Saturday July 4th

Subversive Short Film Program #2:

Karl Lemieux film projection performance w/ Hyena Hive and David Bryant



Bill Nace (USA)

Metalux (USA)

Sunday July 5th

The Films of Etienne O'Leary

Steve Bates

Novi_sad (Athens, Greece)

multi-projector performance by Bruce McClure (USA)

***Film Screenings begin at 8PM each night/Music starts at 10PM

xxx The Pines – 316 Murray st. #205 - Griffintown - Metro Bonaventure xxx

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